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Lorna Heath is now offering to present Sound Experiences for Healing Groups and Workshops to take place after other events have been completed. This is proving to be a successful way of providing this service, feedback has been positive so far. Lorna is presenting fewer events on a small scale and now providing Sound Experiences on a larger scale fewer times during the year.


People come to these events not necessarily to heal but to experience a joyful event.


We have monthly Shamanic drumming sessions which includes overtoning.


The events vary on each occasion, evolving into a new experience each time.


Also on occasion we have talented guests to augment The Gift Of Sound…

Crystal and Himalayan Bowls
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Orbs, Earth & Cosmic Energies

Have you ever wondered about orbs & cosmic energies?

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Faerie Realming

The Faerie Realming event will take place four times a year – once in each season.

As a group we travel to various local woodlands where we will study a variety of trees, learn about plants and listen to the sounds of nature.

We will absorb the atmosphere, see if we can pick up any energies of the Elemental World and connect with the Ancestors.

Anyone is welcome from aged 8-80, if you have your own wings then all the more fun we will have.

To find out when the next Faerie Realming event will take place check the events page.



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