Mission Statement

‘The Gift of Sound’ is a non-profit group.

There is an equality about The Gift Of Sound in as much as I have no intention of teaching anyone anything.

The Gift of Sound is here to remind you of the many things you already know. For example when we do vocal toning and express our voice we find that by nature we do the corresponding sounds that match our Energy Centres. ‘Chakras’ as they are known in the Sanskrit language which loosely translates as ‘wheels’.

We sometimes practice Mudras which I like to call Spiritual Hand Prayers because that is what they are really. We also on occasion practice the Name of our Higher Self and the group welcomes in that name for the participant who’s name we are calling.This is very powerful.

We enjoy Drum sessions once a month and share in ‘drum washes’ and Meditations. Followed by a Sound Experience. The variations are limitless on the Spiritual subjects we cover. The main aim is sharing knowledge and enjoying the friendly company of other like minded folk. We like to think we all leave knowing a little more than when we came in.

I do not have an alphabetical mix after my name but I acquired a London City Guild Certificate in teaching basic literacy skills to adults preparing for their G C S E examinations.

When I assisted foreign students in learning the English language in the 90s which is known as ‘E S O L’

I always emphasised on the vowels as they are very important to learn or the words do not make any sense. Little did I know back then ( or did I subconsciously know ?) how this learning of vowels is important as in the art of overtoning in the Spiritual Realm. I provided this assistance for over 3 years.

I have had some 10 years starting in 2006 of experience in the Overtone and voice work world and of course the wonderful arena of Himalayan and Crystal Bowls.

Although I did own a small Japanese Rin bowl which is Yin in previous years past which I still own, I do not profess to talk of things which are beyond me as the Ego can take over and if we find a good subject that comes up then we all share that. Which is why I am a sound sharer as opposed to being a practitioner or therapist.

We live in a wonderful era which if the ‘New Age’ does not overtake our senses we can all benefit greatly.

I arrange extended workshops with various subjects covering anything Spiritual to Drum workshops. These will be on the events page of the website.

This Mission Statement evolves as do my workshops as stagnancy is unhealthy but the Basic Principles stay as does the Wisdom and Sounds of the Cosmos.