Orbs, Earth & Cosmic Energies

Have you ever wondered about orbs?

I undertake presentations for groups where I share the images I have collected over the years.

It is not only Orbs that I have captured on camera but also energies and plasma.

I do not claim to have all the answers and I invite your input.

I realised that the word Orb was not really a title these phenomena deserved so I meditated on this and asked their Spirit if they indeed had a title, and sure enough I had a response. I was told they are El-Aeons and to be told it was all scientific too just made sense.

So I have an edited version of the Energies which there are a large number of, photographed from four different churches in Hampshire and Dorset. All taking place in the summer of 2008.

The El-Aeon images were captured the year before.

The subject is never ending and ongoing as more people are getting these pictures and to have a new idea on this always makes it worthwhile to carry on with this spiritual phenomena.

There have been a great deal of deletions because I believe they are just photographic anomalies, but you be the judge!!!

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